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It was Administrative Professional's Day on 23 April 2013, hence our bosses brought HM and myself to department lunch at Chez Petit Salut to celebrate this unofficial secular holiday which we did not know exists until a few days earlier.

Chez Petit Salut is located on the first floor of Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, the exact building I am working at. Yet I admit I have never noticed the restaurant before until that faithful day for it is tucked away in a quiet spot, and its dark and reflective exterior makes it seem like the place is perpetually closed. As for the interior, I find the unit a little small for the number of tables fitted in so it is no comfort or privacy to speak of for a place of such quality. They also used a whole length of mirrors to make the restaurant seems bigger but unfortunately not more spacious since it is already packed with tables, which renders it a plan that I think may backfire should there be a full house. I do imagine it worse to be stuck with 100 real and reflected diners when it is already bad enough to squeeze into a tiny space with 50 real others.

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Set lunches at Chez Petit Salut are priced at $39++, inclusive of a starter, a main and a dessert. Despite the long list of selections, do note that only three or four from each course are without additional costs, namely the sauteed squid, roasted veal and escargot for starters, braised chicken leg, oven-baked snapper and braised pork shoulder for mains, last but not least the vanilla creme brulee, pineapple blanc manger, fresh fruit salad and chocolate layered cake for desserts. I would say this made decision-making very much easier but also, requires more care and attention as it would have been easy to miss or overlook one or two "(V)" markings when the rest which you know you have to top up are marked with "(+$6)" or "(+$12)" instead.

Anyway, here's what I have tried:

Half dozen baked Burgundy snails, tomato fondue & garlic butter

There wasn't as much to say about the escargot since its taste is greatly dependent on what it was served with and in this case, the tomato fondue and garlic butter were nothing short of delicious. I love the sauce so much I literally cleaned everything up from the plate with my fork. I do believe I will not even mind having the sauce on its own if I have this for starters next time.

Oven baked snapper, olive oil 'pomme mousseline', tomato nicoise

I expected the potato (doesn't look like it but it is) to be tasteless since there wasn't any accompanying gravy, but it turned out really nice on its own and even more so when you have it with the extremely sour tomato nicoise. Unfortunately, the snapper was quite plain and flaky, and although I know it is meant to be like this, I really hoped to have a bigger portion.

White wine braised chicken leg, baby potato, carrot & mushroom

Our manager's main. I think it looks real good. Even the carrots and mushrooms seem delicious but judging from the size of the chicken leg, I know I will be hungry by 4 pm. I guess I should learn to eat like a French does to shed some weight.

White, dark & milk chocolate layered cake, coffee ice cream

If there was a competition amongst the three course, this is a clear winner. Both the chocolate cake and coffee ice cream were thick and flavourful -- ABSOLUTE HEAVEN, and the cookie crumbles beneath the ice cream was a delightful surprise, bringing crunch and a slight taste of saltiness to the dessert. THIS is one major reason I am going to return.

Fresh fruit salad in light syrup with passion fruit sorbet

Apple, pear, pineapple and raisins crumble tart, vanilla ice cream | +$6

Both HM and my manager got the fresh fruit salad for dessert and according to them, it was very sour. And our director ordered the second. She said it was very good and I believe so too! The desserts at Chez Petit Salut are apparently a die-for!

Chez Petit Salut MBFC
12 Marina Boulevard
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
#01-07 Singapore 018981
Tel: 6604 6107

Opens Monday to Friday
10am to 10pm

Overall, the lunch was great although none of us thought it worthwhile at all as the ingredients were somehow basic and in any case, the dishes weren't superb. We were none too pleased with the fact that after-meal coffee and tea needed some topping up as well (and we did so unaware of the additional costs). No doubt almost everything at Marina Bay is pricier as compared to what you can get outside, but I think one can do a lot better at both food and environment (or at least get to eat a bigger portion) with such a hefty price-tag. I'd say yes to some lobster bique or spaghetti without having to fork out another $6 and $12 respectively. Having said that, I still love the chocolate cake and coffee ice cream to death.

And now I need a dose of sweets,

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